Jim Bognet Up With First Broadcast Television Ad of General Election Campaign

View the ad here.

HAZLETON- Today, Jim Bognet, Former Trump Administration Official and Republican Nominee for Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District, released his first television ad of the general election campaign.

The ad, entitled “Dad,” highlights Jim returning home to help his father and the family business after he suffered a heart attack. It also highlights how Jim’s personal experiences have only strengthened his resolve to protect people with pre-existing conditions, Medicare, and Social Security.

The ad will begin airing on broadcast television throughout the 8th District on August 6.

“I’m running for Congress to fight for people like my dad, who have worked hard to run a business, have paid their dues, and shouldn’t be left out in the cold because of political gamesmanship from both parties in Washington D.C.,” said Bognet. “I will say it plainly – when I’m in Washington I will work every day to protect Medicare and Social Security and to make sure that the people of Northeast Pennsylvania will never have to worry about losing health care because of pre-existing conditions.”


Jim: Dad helped built the business from scratch.

He’s Old School. Honest. Tough

But one day mom called.

Dad had a heart attack. He almost died.

I came back home to help out.

I know first-hand how important it is to cover pre-existing conditions.

And protect Medicare and Social Security.

Especially with Covid.

My friends. My family. My community. That’s why I’m running for Congress.

I’m Jim Bognet and I approve this message.