Cowardly Cartwright's Debate Dodge Hurts 8th District Voters

Cowardly Cartwright’s Debate Dodge Hurts 8th District Voters

HAZLETON- In case you missed it, on Monday Jim Bognet, Former Trump Administration Official and Republican Nominee for Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District, challenged Matt Cartwright to five debates, in five counties, on five television stations.

Yesterday Cartwright responded by agreeing to just one debate. In response, Bognet issued the following statement:

“The fact that Matt Cartwright rejected my offer to debate five times, in five counties, on all five television stations, tells you all you need to know about him – he is scared of being exposed as the phony that he is. Clearly, Matt Cartwright doesn’t want to defend his ‘defund the police’ agenda nor does he want to be exposed for eight years of being weak on China.

“To be honest, I can’t say that I blame him – his record over the past eight years is so empty of accomplishments, dodging debates and making fake websites to use in tv ads is probably his best strategy. Unfortunately, the people that are hurt by his cowardly decision are the voters in the 8th District who deserve to hear more about the candidates and their stances on the issues before casting a vote in this momentous election. Most of the Counties in PA-8 are used to being ignored by Matt Cartwright. Luckily, Cartwright’s eight years of not caring about the rest of us in PA-8 will be ending on election day.”