Bognet Slams Pelosi’s Outrageous, Racially Insensitive Comment; Calls on Cartwright to Condemn Remarks

HAZLETON – Today, Jim Bognet, Former Trump Administration Official and Republican Nominee for Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District, made the following statement in response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments characterizing GOP police reform efforts led by Senator Tim Scott as “trying to get away with murder…[t]he murder of George Floyd.”

“How low can Nancy Pelosi go? Pelosi just accused a good man and GOP African American leader, Senator Tim Scott, of ‘trying to get away with [the murder of George Floyd].’ It is beyond reprehensible for Pelosi to accuse any Senator, let alone an African American who has been subjected to racially motivated threats of violence, of murder for putting forward a bill trying to bridge the divide and help protect all Americans. Matt Cartwright is a member of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team and he should immediately condemn her ridiculous attack.” – Jim Bognet