BLOG POST | The Truth Revealed: Democrats are Socialist

By Jim Bognet

For years, I have been saying that the Democrats were socialists and the Democrats have denied it. In New Hampshire, we are finally seeing the mask drop.

America now knows that all of the energy in the Democratic primary is behind the duo of Socialist Sanders and Peek a Boo Pete, with fellow socialist Elizabeth Warren nipping at their heels. Bernie Sanders is an unrepentant socialist who honey-mooned in Moscow when it was ruled by Communists and makes no secret of his plans for a government takeover of the economy and massive confiscations of wealth from the private sector.

President Trump offers a very different vision of hope, growth, and opportunity, where a blue collar boom helps workers earn more and less regulation and taxation helps businesses add jobs.

I’m running for Congress to support President Trump and to make sure that socialists like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi, and their lapdogs like my opponent Matt Cartwright, can never hurt our President and our country again with their witch hunts and socialists ideas. This year, Northeastern Pennsylvania will deliver a second term to President Trump, and help deliver the House to Republicans when I defeat LapDog Matt Cartwright.

Help us send Socialist Sanders back to Vermont, Pocohontas back to Harvard, and Matt Cartwright packing.