Why I'm Running

The impeachment fraud is the biggest scam in American history. Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have hated President Trump since his first day in office.

I was blessed to have a good job in President Trump’s administration, fighting to create jobs and rebuild America’s industrial heartland.

Then Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Ilhan Omar and the rest of the Democrats started their reckless and partisan crusade to remove President Trump from office based on nothing more than hearsay, hysterics, and hatred. Nancy Pelosi and her lapdog Matt Cartwright jammed through an entirely partisan impeachment, not receiving one vote from Republicans, and losing some of their voters (and one representative) along the way.

When I saw what the Democrats were trying to do to President Trump with impeachment, I decided I couldn’t stand by and watch what was happening without trying to do something about it. In America, when things you believe in are threatened, we have a duty to stand and fight.

That’s why I decided to return home to Hazleton to run for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District. I will defend President Trump from a witch hunt that will happen again and again throughout his second term unless we send a message and win back the House of Representatives from the impeachers.

Meet Jim

Jim Bognet was born and raised in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Jim comes from a big Italian-Irish family, and he grew up surrounded by older cousins and in a tight-knit community at Most Precious Blood Catholic Church in Hazleton. Jim’s dad is a small business owner, building schools and doing plumbing and heating projects for factories across northeastern Pennsylvania. Working construction with his dad taught him the value of hard work and saving money. Jim’s mom is a high school teacher who taught him the value of education and compassion. Jim played football, basketball, and baseball at Hazleton Area High School before graduating from Penn State University on a partial academic scholarship. Jim later earned a law degree and master’s in business administration from UCLA.

Jim has fought for conservative causes and Republican principles his whole life. From interning for GOP Senator Rick Santorum, to working on his first campaign for former Congressman Lou Barletta, Jim has always believed in fighting to make his community better through conservative policies.

During the 2016 campaign, Jim attended the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio to support President Trump and Vice President Pence. Jim is proud that Pennsylvania was the key state that put Donald J. Trump over the top to be elected President.

President Trump appointed Jim to a position in his administration to help rebuild our industrial heartland and to create jobs, support small businesses, and promote “Made in America” products around the world.

Now, more than ever, we need strong, conservative Republicans in Congress to support President Trump and pass legislation that strengthens our economy and protects our national security. Jim will represent Pennsylvania’s 8th District in Washington to focus on results – for you, your family, and all of Northeastern Pennsylvania.